Lenka Thompson

Councillor for Moreland City Council, North-East Ward
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I was born in Carlton to a Romanian/Polish mother and a Maori father, and have lived in Moreland for 12 years. As the daughter of a maternal sole parent, we travelled around different parts of Victoria until finally settling in Castlemaine. I spent my childhood and early teenage years there forging life-long friendships, embracing the natural environment and revelling in the community spirit of arts, sports and music.

My mother’s wonderful influence working in the Wattle Gully Gold Mine inspired my motivation to pursue geology as a career path and I went on to complete a Bachelor of Science (Geology) and then a Master of Environment (Hydrogeology).

Dear friends introduced me to The Greens’ philosophy and the four pillars, and during my early adult years and it was evident The Greens’ foundation resonated with me and my way of life. From that, I now also believe these foundations extend to good and wholesome governance; locally, nationally and globally. It is this which I aspire to represent on the local level.

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0425 786 377


The Moreland City Greens team of Councillors and local residents are campaigning for a sustainable, liveable Moreland:

  • Excellent, environmentally sustainable building and development;
  • Affordable, accessible housing;
  • Equitable and responsive services;
  • Open space for all users, passive and active
  • Significant, canopied street scapes
  • Transparent, consultative and highly accountable governance

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