The Victorian Greens have 18 elected representatives in local government.

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Yarra Council objects on heritage grounds to redevelopment of Yorkshire Brewery site

Cr Alison ClarkeYarra Council will inform Heritage Victoria that it objects to a redevelopment proposal which would see a 17-storey building constructed near the iconic brew tower at the former Yorkshire Brewery in Collingwood.

At a Special Council meeting last night, Council resolved to tell Heritage Victoria it objects to SMA Projects’ proposal for the site on heritage grounds.

Mayor Alison Clarke said Council was concerned that the height, mass and design of proposed 17 and 14 storey buildings on the Robert Street site would detract from the heritage value of the 1850s brew tower.

VCAT's decision "sad news for Victorians": Mayor Alison Clarke

Cr Alison ClarkeViews of one of Melbourne’s most beloved buildings will be spoilt after VCAT approved a 10-storey building on Cremorne’s Dimmeys site, Yarra Mayor Alison Clarke said today.

VCAT has ordered Council to issue a permit to Richmond Icon Pty Ltd for the mixed-use redevelopment, which will involve a new supermarket and 82 apartments. The Dimmeys clocktower and Swan Street façade will be retained.

Climate change action, federally and locally: Cr Neil Pilling

Cr Neil PillingToday in the Federal Parliament was an important day in this country's efforts to address the impacts and causes of climate change. The legislation to implement a carbon tax at $23 per tonne,supported by the Greens, was passed through the upper house (Senate)after having previously been accepted by the lower house (House of Representatives).

Refuge heat in the Yarra Ranges: Cr Samantha Dunn

Cr Samantha DunnTHE Dandenongs could be without a community bushfire refuge for another two summers – unless fearful locals and Yarra Ranges councillors are successful in their push for one in Olinda.

At their 25 October meeting, councillors asked the State Government to choose somewhere in the shire for its pilot fire refuge project.

“I would like to think the Shire of Yarra Ranges is ideally suited (to the pilot). We want it here,” said Cr Dunn.

Dandenong residents should have option of buy-back: Cr Samantha Dunn

Cr Samantha DunnDANDENONGS residents will not be able to sell their homes and flee the bushfire-prone region through the State Government buy-back scheme.

The 2009 Victorian Bushfires Royal Commission recommendations included a plan for the government to purchase properties in areas of “unacceptably high bushfire risk”.

Residents expected the hills to be included. It was touted as a plan to depopulate areas under high fire threat.

No car wash for Healesville: Cr Samantha Dunn

Cr Samantha DunnA crowd of objectors cheered when Yarra Ranges Council refused a permit for a car wash in Healesville's East End last week. A total of 83 objections and a petition signed by 775 people were lodged against the development proposed by Eagle Crest Pty. Ltd. Some 30 of the 40 objectors present at the packed Yarra Ranges Council meeting on Tuesday, 25 October, came by bus from Healesville.

Eagle Crest Pty Ltd were seeking a planning permit to build a car wash on the corner of St Leonard's Road and Walker's Lane.

Community fire refuge - pilot for Yarra Ranges? Cr Samantha Dunn

Cr Samantha Dunn26 October

The report is in on Channel 9

An independent planning panel and advisory committee set up to review the proposed 550-dwelling development of Richmond's Channel 9 site has recommended the development be approved.

Mayor Alison Clarke said the joint panel/committee had also recommended increased setbacks to some buildings and changes in some parking and traffic arrangements.

Samantha Dunn implores fellow councillors to listen to community and refuse McDonalds in Tecoma

Cr Samantha DunnWhile the shire's planning department for Tecoma had recommended councillors endorse the plans, Lyster Ward councillor Samantha Dunn implored her fellow councillors to issue a motion to refuse.

McDonalds a recipe for disaster says Cr Samantha Dunn

When Yarra Ranges councillors unanimously rejected the Tecoma McDonald’s application people leapt to their feet, cheering and clapping. Objectors hugged Cr Samantha Dunn, who has spoken passionately against the development.